Features at a Glance

+Profile Management
  • Detailed employee profile management
  • Employee dependents profile management
  • Unlimited profiles
  • Travel preferences
  • Loyalty memberships
  • Multiple passports per traveller integrated with booking flow
  • Visa/Residence permit management
  • User role management & security
+Travel Policy Management
  • Unlimited policies by cost centre, group or individual
  • Clone and edit policies
  • Blackout dates
  • Security sensitivity
  • Airline safety sensitivity
  • Airfare selection settings
  • Cabin type selection settings
  • Cabin type upgrade policies
  • Policy exemptions
  • Air supplier preferences
  • Hotel supplier preferences
  • Car supplier preferences
  • Negotiated/Private fares & rates for airline, hotel, car rental suppliers
+Expense Policy Management
  • Unlimited policies by cost centre, group or individual
  • Clone and edit policies
  • Per diem or per expense type
  • Destination sensitivity
+Trip Planning
  • Search & book air, hotel, cars online with policy validation
  • Travel agent imported bookings with policy validation
  • Offline bookings with policy validation
  • Destination add-ons to main trip
  • Auto-sort complex trips in chronological order
  • Add miscellaneous services to trip
  • Book hotels and cars from itinerary
  • Trip change history
  • Book side-trips
  • Book personal trips
  • Add trip purpose
  • Add trip notes
  • Share trip on social networks
  • Print and email trip
  • Dynamic link of all trip components and approval status with expense report
  • Text and voice collaboration with travel agent
  • Travel agent secure access to trip for traveller support
+Expense Reporting
  • Expense management integrated with trip
  • Dynamic cost allocation of multi-destination air tickets
  • Cash advance automation
  • Multi-currency
  • T&E automated approval workflow
  • Expense change history
  • Approver-Submitter notes
  • Expense policy violation warnings
  • Attach receipts to expense items
  • Export T&E reports to PDF
+Management Dashboard
  • View & manage all trips and expense reports
  • View & manage all expense reports and expense approval requests
  • Traveller tracker
  • Profile management dashboard
  • Manage cost centers
  • Exchange rate management
  • Credit card management
  • Dashboard with spend overview
  • True view of total cost of travel & expense
  • Approved spend and spend pending approval
  • Real time view to include latest changes
  • YTD, MTD and any date range
  • See what you spent
  • See who spent it
  • See when you spent it
  • See with whom you spent it
  • See where you spent it
  • See why you spent it
  • See how you spent it
  • Multidimensional views
  • Drill-down from anywhere to single transaction level
  • Export reports to MS Excel
  • Expedia affiliate network
  • XE.com
  • Galileo by Travelport
  • Worldspan by Travelport
  • Sabre
  • Abacus
+Alert Console
  • Set budgets at macro or micro level
  • Set alerts on any spend type
  • Set alerts on any activity type
  • Set alters using multidimensional criteria
+Advanced Approval Workflows
  • Mandatory or price sensitive pre-trip approval
  • Approver console with enriched data
  • Manage approvals and rebooking from within trip
  • Approver delegation
  • Time lapse proxy approval
  • Multiple approver workflows
  • Approval price ceiling
  • Trip reason codes
+Entitlement/Benefit Travel
  • Employee entitlement settings
  • Employee dependents entitlement settings
  • Child and infant fare automation
  • Destination sensitivity
  • Cabin type sensitivity
  • Price sensitivity
  • Integrated with approval workflow

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