Increase Policy Compliance & Reduce Costs With High-Speed Approval Workflows

Stop leaving money on the table... never again miss a savings opportunity. Skyjunxion’s automated approval workflows gives your management team the power to ensure compliance and reduce costs as trips are planned.

Better Information For Approval Decisions

When a trip is submitted for approval, managers get an instant notification

They will see if the trip:

  1. Is within policy
  2. Uses preferred vendors
  3. Was the best possible choice


Approve, Reject or Suggest

After the manager reviews the trip he can take 3 actions:

  1. Approve the trip
  2. Reject it, or
  3. Recommend another trip to the traveller
Eliminate the Back & Forth

When an approver recommends a different selection or sets an approval range, the traveller can then only see/book what is inside the recommended range, sthe new booking does not need to go for re-approval. Imagine the time (and headache) savings compared to other processes!

Escalation to 2nd & 3rd Approvers

If there’s more than one approver (or if one approver is not around), Skyjunxion will route the trip to the next approver automatically to expedite the approval process.

When approvals are completed the traveller will get an instant notification.

Monitor Compliance In & Out of Skyjunxion

Skyjunxion lets you identify missed savings opportunities regardless of how the booking was made, even those made directly with the travel agent or vendor and then imported into the system.

Instant Purchase Required? Approve That Too...

How do you approve something you are not allowed to book because of the instant purchase requirement...?

Well, Skyjunxion creates a virtual booking to enable pre-trip approval. If approved, Skyjunxion will automatically search for and book the original selection. Nifty, right?

Find out how you can make travel & expense activity simpler and reduce costs, consistently, with Skyjunxion...

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