Complex Travel Arrangements?  No Problem, with SkyD Intelligent Itinerary

If you have travels with multiple destinations, side trips, or other complex arrangements, SkyD keeps your itinerary organized and streamlines communications with your agent.


SkyD works like a central repository and command center for the trip.


With SkyD-Intelligent Itinerary you can:

  1. Book side-trips, an industry first
  2. Access trip expense reporting in one-click
  3. Share your trip on social networks and via email
  4. Add notes for better management of trips and highlights the trip purpose
  5. Add destinations to your trip; forget about multiple booking files for one trip
  6. Text and voice message with your travel agent in the tool, making changes to bookings easier
  7. Add "manual" components, such as insurance, airport transfers, etc., and automatically import them to your expense reports
  8. Access all trip components whether they were booked online or imported by the travel agent
  9. Get all information on trip components including: terminals, flight duration, journey duration, meals, miles flown, seats, hotel address, etc
  10. Give secure access to travel agents with selective view of information so they can provide a superior service! Everyone is on the same page.


Here are some other things SkyD does for you automatically:

  1. Arranges multi-city bookings in the itinerary
  2. Maintains a detailed trip history so you keep a record of what was done

  3. Creates your expense report breaking down fares and destinations in the expenses
  4. Sorts trips components in chronological order - travellers can add trip components at different times and Skyjunxion will auto arrange them


...we could go on for a while, but these are just some of the key features that will make travel arrangement actually a pleasure.

Find out how you can make travel & expense activity simpler and reduce costs, consistently, with Skyjunxion...

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