Manage All the Profiles & Preferences of Your Team in One Single Place

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A Profile For Every Role

So that your travel management works like a well oiled machine, you can setup different role profiles, e.g. Traveler, Travel Arrangers, T&E Manager and Administrator roles.


Complete Profiles - A Mini-HR System

All of the information necessary to efficiently book a trip is here, so there is no need to ask over and over Do you prefer aisle or window?,” or What was your Frequent Flyer Number, again?

Passport and Visa Update Reminders

Travel managers and travelers will get a notification to update their passport and/or visas well in advance of their expiration date. With Skyjunxion's notifications, keeping profiles updated is a breeze.

Find out how you can make travel & expense activity simpler and reduce costs, consistently, with Skyjunxion...

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