Travelers Can See What’s In/Out of Policy As They Plan Their Trip

As the travelers search for air, hotel and car rental to plan their trip, Skyjunxion flags out which options are in/out of policy, preferred, and negotiated, so they can make better choices.

Out-Of-Policy Flags

If a traveler makes a choice that is out of policy, an alarm will be sent out to the travel arranger or travel manager at the time of selection & booking.


One-Click Submission for Approval

Once the traveler is done with the selections, a single-click will get the approval process started.  No more form filling or emailing itineraries for approval.

Define Approvers By Trip Reason

Say you want Project A travel to be approved by Manager A, but entitlement travel, to be approved by the VP.  You can setup different approval workflows for different trip reasons.

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