When You Measure Travel Expenses,
You Can Manage Them

With beautiful graphical dashboards, drill-down capabilities and custom reporting, Skyjunxion gives you all you need to make decisions; real-time.
Control Costs
Negotiate Better Deals

With Skyjunxion's powerful reporting you can have the following and more, at your fingertips:

  • Total spend
  • Spend trends
  • Policy compliance ratio
  • System adoption
  • Missed saving opportunities
  • Approval vs. rejection ratio
  • Spend by vendor
  • Spend by profile
  • Spend by travel purpose
  • % of travel expense without negotiated deals
  • Spend by anything (profile, group, tag, destination)
  • Travel planning efficiency (look to book)
  • Expenses booked both within and outside of Skyjunxion

...and more

Skyjunxion-Stay Within Budget With Real-Time Alerts

Stay Within Budget With Real-Time Alerts

You can even set alerts to notify you when any expense category reaches threshold. Never go over budget again!

Skyjunxion-Export all the data to Excel

Export All the Data to Excel

All the reports can be printed out in colourful PDFs & all the data can be exported to Excel for user manipulation or entry into Company systems.

Skyjunxion-Access all information from your mobile device

Access All Information From Your Mobile Device

All dashboards are responsive. Login to Skyjunxion from your mobile and access all the information you need to make decisions on the go.

There are 4 main dashboards, each one with powerful drill-downs, which drills into more, and more, and more...

Basically, all the analysis you will want to do, is done here for you. Just click & drill.


Find out how you can make travel & expense activity simpler and reduce costs, consistently, with Skyjunxion...

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