Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skyjunxion?

Skyjunxion is an all-in-one travel & expense management software designed to help you save money while making travel management more efficient and transparent.

What counts as a user?

A user is a person with a licensed access: It can be a traveller, a travel arranger, an approver, Manager, or a CFO. In every case you always have unlimited profiles, so you could technically have thousands of traveler profiles and only a handful of users.

Is there an installation process?

No, Skyjunxion is 100% cloud based, so there is nothing on-premise that your IT folks need to worry about. It runs on all the most popular Microsoft Windows (version 7 and later) and Apple OSX (Mountain Lion and later) compatible browsers and Android and iOS mobile operating systems.  However, we’ll need to connect the system to a travel agency of your choice so that all of the bookings of your trips can be processed.

How fast can I get Skyjunxion going for my organization?

Regularly it takes less than a week. Once the connection to the travel agency of choice is established, all you need to do is setup your profiles (or send them to us and we'll upload them for free), define your user roles, organize the profiles in departments or cost centers, create one or more travel policies and approval workflows, and you're good to go!

When you sign up with Skyjunxion, you will receive a setup guide that takes you through the process in detail, allowing you to get started in just a few days. And if you feel you need that extra help, we can provide coaching, which you will not need for more than a few days.

And if you are a very large organization with special needs, get in touch with us to see how we can tailor a bespoke program for your company, including product customisation where needed.

Is it secure?

Yes! We take security very seriously, and take no chances. To host Skyjunxion and your data we use Microsoft Azure the open cloud company and home of fanatical support that hosts applications for companies like Fidelity Investments and Safe Bank Systems. As with all Azure offerings, our promise of Fanatical Support stands behind our security solutions.

Where do typical savings come from?

A number of places, but just to name a few: a) better compliance of travel policy; b) better information for you to negotiate deals with travel vendors (aka, airlines, hotel chains, and car rentals); c) More efficient travel booking; travel planning & booking takes half the time with a system that is superbly designed, fast and user-friendly. Even the most complex configurations and operations become a breeze thanks to truly thoughtful, elegant design, saving Skyjunxion users valuable time... just to name a few.

When can I expect to see results?

Just within a couple of months you will be able to start identifying opportunities for savings and having better control over your travel policy compliance. From that point on, it will only depend on you to make adjustments to your travel policy and managing compliance. So what results can you expect to see? Depends largely on how out of whack things are right now.

Is there a customer support line?

Yes. For system issues, customers can contact our sales team during business days/hours and we offer email support as well ( Since we install no software as a SaaS provider, there is no technical support at customer premises. And any technical issues our end are handled by Rackspace to whom we have outsourced this activity as one of the worlds' most reliable service providers. For all travel stuff, since we work in cooperation with travel agents and travel providers, these are the front line support for all travel related support issues.

Are there any other service fees?

No. In fact, speaking of service fees, if you signup for Skyjunxion we encourage you to revisit the service fees paid to your travel agency. This is achievable because system users benefit from the travel planning tools to create even the most complex trips with ease, thereby substantially reducing the travel agency workload, where most bookings can become virtually “touchless” by the travel agent. It is therefore not uncommon to be able to renegotiate service fee reductions of at least 25-40%.

Do I need to change travel agencies?

No. You can keep working with your current travel agency. Actually, Skyjunxion will help you make your relationship with your current travel agency, better and more efficient.

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