About Skyjunxion - Travel Software Solutions

Skyjunxion is Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables corporate travel managers and travel agents to manage all aspects of travel booking and compliance to policy.

Travel expenses are typically the second largest expense bucket in companies, and we want to help you get it under control. 


Our primary focus is to help companies save money

Skyjunxion is here to revolutionize the world of managed business travel by creating intuitive travel software solutions that remove the travel management clutter and frustrating infrastructure.

Skyjunxion provides the means to conducting business travel successfully and economically. 


Focused on the global needs of corporates in the  MENA and APAC regions

We are based in one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world with offices in Dubai, the region’s ITC hub, and we specialize in the rapidly evolving needs of companies in the MENA and APAC regions.

What sets us apart is that we stay very close to our customers and promptly handle requests no matter the day of the week or time, we adapt our product to the rapid pace of companies in the regions where we operate, and we are developing a strong channel partner network to ensure the closest possible presence through locally trusted partners.

We work closely with large companies in various sectors, corporate travel management companies, and travel suppliers to build an environment within a system that delivers a win-win solution for all participants. Skyjunxion is truly a “junction” where complex transactions flow with ease.



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